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Robert Marcus, Esq.

(708) 447-1040

Robert Marcus, Esq. is a partner at Maksimovich & Associates, P.C. a boutique firm located in the Chicago suburbs.  He is a licensed attorney in the State of Illinois and admitted to practice in Federal District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts throughout the country. Mr. Marcus’ practice focuses on agribusiness, including the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (“PACA”), and representing agribusiness suppliers, farmers, brokers, shippers, lenders, unsecured creditors, corporate debtors and others in numerous matters around the country.

Mr. Marcus has extensive experience managing all steps of the agribusiness supply chain, beginning with the land and farming operations, extending to distribution, processing, splits, fresh cut, packing, and shipping, and ending at the final delivery to retailers and wholesalers. His experience extends to various commodities and types of fresh produce including fruits, berries, citrus, tomatoes, watermelons, peppers, potatoes, onions, organics, grains, corn, soybeans and other food categories such as eggs, dairy, meat, poultry, fish, and frozen foods. Mr. Marcus’ knowledge and experience also extends to the labor, fixtures, and equipment needed for all phases and types of these agribusiness and associated operations. He also has first-hand experience investing, managing, and operating over 900 acres of row-crop and produce farmland, a packing facility, and permanent crop citrus groves.

Mr. Marcus has served as PACA trustee and receiver and has also served as a federally appointed receiver and trustee. Significant matters where Mr. Marcus rendered services include East Coast Brokers & Inc. (creditor’s attorney), Joe Caputo & Son’s Inc., et al. (PACA trustee, receiver, interim COO, asset sale), Grainger Farms, Inc./GJJ Farms, Inc. (auctioneer attorney, Chief Restructuring Officer of Farming Operations), Michael’s Market, Inc. et al. (PACA Trustee, interim operations manager, new company transition), J&S Produce, Inc. (receivables collections, third party disgorgement, PACA), and Eclipse Berry Farms, LLC (Chief Restructuring Officer).

Mr. Marcus’s experience allows him to cover anything from complex litigation with a jury trial to being the CRO, trustee, and/or receiver for an operation of any scale. The most recent matter Mr. Marcus has worked on is serving as the Liquidating Trustee for Las Uvas Valley Dairies, formerly one of the largest New Mexico dairy operations. In this capacity, his responsibilities include the dairy operations, the liquidation of the assets, and the post-Chapter 11 confirmation trust. Mr. Marcus is just as comfortable in the courtroom and boardroom as he is overseeing a tomato packing line or citrus harvest crew.

Mr. Marcus also has a passion for aviation and is an accomplished pilot with thousands of hours logged and is licensed to fly and teach in everything from a small single engine airplane through multiengine turbojet aircraft.



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